Our Weekly Errand Service is Available to the Following Participating Communities:

The Cordelia

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Our Services Include


How Pricing Works

You pay a flat monthly fee, after your first week, to have us handle your errands. We’ll do the grocery shopping, drop off the dry cleaning, and send your packages - whatever you need! Then, you’ll receive a simple weekly bill for the cost of the things you bought - like the groceries from your list, the shirts we dry cleaned, and the gift we sent to your mom. These are retail prices or better - no mark-ups or delivery fees.

Your Subscription

$35 /week

1 weekly visit

  • Trained, vetted assistant
  • Things checked off your to-do list
  • More time for fun & relaxing
  • Peace of mind


Your Weekly Order


Groceries: $13, Shipping Mom's Gift: $8,   Dry Cleaned Shirts: $12, Feed Fido: $0

  • Retail Prices or Better
  • Delivered to Your Home
  • Guaranteed Quality

Get your first week of errands for only $15!

Monthly billing won't start until the following week.