We're Hiring!

All positions are for contractors, and are "gig" based. We'll call on you when we need you, and you let us know if you're available.

Currently Seeking Reliable People For:

AirBnb Management Contractor

  • Work will generally consist of cleaning and staging AirBnbs, including sometimes doing laundry and dishes, or restocking supplies. There will also sometimes be in-person meet and greet's with incoming guests.
  • Wages are $17/hr, including paid training, and cleaning supplies.
  • Professional cleaning experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to lift up to 35 lbs, climb stairs and reach is required.
  • Must have phone and respond quickly to any communications.
  • Must usually have availability from 11am - 4pm, including weekends and holidays.
  • Must have your own vehicle, no exceptions for public transit.
  • Must submit to a background check and provide references.

If interested in coming on board as a contractor, please email jen@emersonerrandservices.com addressed to Alyssa, with a resume and cover letter.

Include the name of the contracting service to which you're applying, as well as your name, in the subject line.